London: Her new-born is only two-weeks-old but R&B singer Beyonce and her husband have reportedly started thinking about which she school she should be sent. However, both of them have their own preference.

Beyonce, 30, wants Blue Ivy Carter to go to one in Houston, where she grew up but the '99 Problems' hitmaker prefers her getting educated in New York like him, as reported.

"They're not wasting time when it comes to preparing for their girl's formative years. Jay is keen on her following his New York footsteps and attending a top school there. But Beyonce is toying with a wholesome Southern upbringing.

"They will also find a super tutor nanny to teach their child etiquette and at least three languages," said a source close to the couple.

Beyonce gave birth to a girl with husband Jay Z on January 7 and the couple became proud parents for the first time.