London: Pop star Beyonce Knowles has been named the highest earning entertainer by the minute in the world by a website.
The 30-year-old 'Love on Top' singer topped a poll by earning 1.25 million pounds for a five-song performance at a private New Year's Eve 2010 party on the island of St Barts, equating to 71,040 pounds for each minute she was on stage..
In the second place was singer Mariah Carey, who earned 630,000 pounds per minute for a four-song set at a similar party held the previous year on the same Caribbean island.
Third highest earner per minute was Kylie Minogue, who commanded 2 million pounds for her whole hour set when she sung at the launch party of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, November 2008.
Next was Jennifer Lopez, who received the equivalent of 25,000 pounds a minute from Russian tycoon Andrei Meinichenko to appear at his wife's birthday party in 2007.
Lopez narrowly beat The Rolling Stones who rounded out the top five by making 2.2 million pounds in 2002 from an hour and a half set for Texan billionaire David Bonderman's 60th birthday, the equivalent of 24,242 poundsBeyonce Knowles highest paid performer per minute