New Delhi: With Anna Hazare catching the imagination of the entire nation with his anti-corruption crusade, even freedom fighter who have joined shoulders with the freedom fighters are coming out to express solidarity with the Gandhian.

72-years-old Harbans Singh, who is a close friend of freedom fighter Shaheed Bhagat Singh, on Friday joined Anna’s fight against corruption, acclaiming it as the need of the hour.

“We are still living under slavery…slavery under today’s corrupt politicians is equally tragic to that of the Britishers,” the elderly Harbans said.

Comparing the present struggle, which Anna Hazare has termed as the second freedom struggle, with the original freedom struggle, he said, “Earlier India was robbed by the Britishers and now these corrupt politicians are robbing the nation.”

Disheartened Harbans said that when the Jan Lokpal Bill will be passed by the Parliament, only then he will consider India to be independent in true sense.