Karachi: At the time of religious intolerance, shlokas from Bhagavad Gita were reverberated at a school during a quiz competition to test the knowledge of the Hindu boys and girls about their religion, leaving the minority community having something to celebrate about.

For months now the Hindu community in Pakistan's southern Sindh province has been complaining of bias and injustice over the issues of kidnappings and forced conversions but for a change they celebrated being able to organise a religious event without any problems.

The quiz competition testing the knowledge of the Hindu boys and girls about their religion - Sanatan Dharma – was enthusiastically participated by at the Santa Maria school in Karachi's Gizri area.

"It was a big success and we are happy that in a Muslim dominated area they really cooperated a lot with us in organizing this event," Pakistan Hindu Seva (PHS) President, Sanjesh Dhanja said.

During the competition shlokas from Bhagavad Gita reverberated in the school.

"I really enjoyed the competition and the PHS should organise more such events in future as well," Bhawan said.

Yasir Kazmi one of the Muslim organisers who is attached with a NGO that deals with minorities said already another similar competition had been planned for on July 15 in Ranchore Lines which has a sizeable population of Hindus.

"It was an excellent event to showcase religious tolerance and respect for ecaeh other’s religions," Kazmi said.

He said no one from the neighbourhood had complained even though during the competition the children were singing religious songs and speaking about the Bhagavad Gita.

"It helped build their confidence and they also get to know more about one of the greatest Hindu scriptures," PHS president Sanjesh S Dhanja said.

Dhanja said the purpose of the event was to improve the religious knowledge of Hindu students and to bring them closer to their religion.

Students from other schools were also allowed to take part in the competition and Ramesh Parvani who lives in a posh area and is a successful estate agent said his son had enjoyed the event.

"To me the event was a success and it gave students lot of confidence," Parvani said.


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