India is moving forward for the last two years and people have confidence that it will do well, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday said as he cautioned the opposition and critics against endangering the emotional integration" due to political interests.

"The country is seen to be moving ahead on the path of development with policies which have dispelled the despair that existed earlier," he said, endorsing the Modi government which came to power in 2014.

In his over-hour long speech, he also made a strong push for inexpensive education as it is a tool to empower society. The wait for a new education policy has been long and it was high time now that it should bear fruits.

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A report in this regard has been submitted, he noted and said it was for the government to see if its recommendations will bring about desirable changes in the education system or not.

With RSS often criticised by opposition for allegedly working to regulate the education policy, he said the Hindutva organisation was for having an independent education system which should be run by the society.

It, however, also has the danger of commercialisation of education and the government's intervention is required to keep it at bay. Bhagwat also mentioned during his speech on the RSS' 91th foundation day the names of social and religious figures like Abhinavagupta, Ramanujacharya, Gulabrao Maharaj and Sikh guru

Gobind Singh as he asked people to follow their ideals. On the occasion, he also quoted renowned Urdu poet Iqbal's famous lines, 'Kuch baat hai ki hasti mit ti-nahi hamari...', to hail Indian civilisation which, which he claimed, is also Hindutva.