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Bharat Nirman Sewak Yojna to relieve teachers from census work

Publish Date: 05 Jul 2011, 04:24 PM
Last Updated: 05 Jul 2011, 04:24 PM
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Teachers relieved from census work
Teachers relieved from census work

Panipat: In a major relief for teachers, who are burdened with additional work like carrying census and data collection for government schemes, the Central government has prepared Bharat Nirman Sewak Yojna under which a local youth would be assigned all these work. 

Senior officials have been given directions in this regard. As per the scheme, youths up to 18 years of age would be registered at block or Gram Panchayat level to execute the welfare and development schemes of the government.

According to sources, a three-day training session would be held to make them aware of the primary responsibilities mentioned under Article 51–A of the Constitution. After training, these volunteers would be given a badge having description and logo of Bharat Nirman Sewak.

Working as a communicator between district administration and villagers, the volunteers would carry the responsibility of handling government helpline and dealing complaints.

Apart from this, they would have to collect and maintain data for self-help groups. Another responsibility would be of starting community radio and wall paper to promote government schemes alongside doing BPL census work.

The government would evaluate the performance of the volunteers with grading system. The volunteers would get 10 points for grade A, 7 for B, 5 for C and 3 for Grade B.

Based on their performance, the volunteers would be honoured at the annual ceremony of Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.


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