"Our vision is to have every Indian on the internet. There are millions of Indians who think that the internet is expensive and do not know what it can do for them."

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We believe that every Indian has the right to be on the internet. We know that if we allow them to experience the joys of the internet they will join the digital revolution," the email said.

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Net neutrality means that governments and internet service providers should treat all data on the internet equally, therefore, not charging users, content, platforms, sites, applications or modes of communication differentially.

Airtel Zero is a technology platform that connects application providers to their customers for free.

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"The platform allows any content or application provider to enroll on it so that their customers can visit these sites for free. Instead of charging customers we charge the providers who choose to get on to the platform," Vittal said.

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"There is no difference between this and toll free voice such as 1-800. When a company selling an insurance product enrols into the toll free voice platform, customers who call the number are not charged but when they call a normal number they are charged." Calls are not blocked or given preferential treatment else our whole business would be jeopardized," he clarified.


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