The company has neither disclosed any further details on this issue, nor is its roadmap regarding the same out yet. This new service by Airtel will require the customer to possess a TD-LTE enabled smartphone, which are presently not available in the Indian market.

Airtel’s tie-up with any smartphone manufacturer is speculated, so as to provide handsets for 4G service usage in the Indian telecom market. In 2012, Airtel released LTE support enabled Huawei Ascend P1 phone in Kolkata to initiate with 4G services. The future of 4G network development still seems dark in India.

Presently, Airtel has only offered 4G LTE modems and Wi-Fi base stations. Airtel has also acquired 100 percent stake in Qualcomm’s 4G network in India. In February 2013, the company announced successful trials of CSFB technology in Pune, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

4G network delivers mobile ultra-broadband Internet access to laptops and other devices via USB wireless modems. 4G services are likely to take Indian telecom sector to a whole new level.