Indore: The Bhariya Janta Party (BJP) is all set to launch a protest against Valentine's Day celebrations in Indore on Tuesday. And in order to do so the party on February 13-14 will start a Public Awareness Campaign against the couples by distributing pamphlets and putting up hoardings against the celebrations.

They have also threatened to make videos of the couples.

BJP’s cultural coordinator, Vikas Awasthi said, “Valentine Day is spoiling the Indian culture and tradition. Our workers will create awareness among the youth on this day. Those who will not follow the instructions will be facing a tough time and a case will be registered against them.”

“Our workers will be ready with their cameras on Valentine Day to capture the activities of the couples. We will note down their vehicles number so that we can pass on the information to their relatives” Awasthi said.

“We’ll start protesting against the Valentines Day just a day before it is celebrated” he added.