Greater Noida: Amidst the political gimmick and the blame-game triggered over the land acquisition row at Bhatta Parsaul, the district administration on Monday night lifted the ashes from the village and sent it for test to forensic laboratory in Agra.

Confirming the news, ADM of Gautam Buddha Nagar, OP Arya said, “The ashes of cow dung heaps and fields which were burnt in fire have been sent to the forensic lab for examination.”

The Police and district authorities on Tuesday visited the Bhatta-Parsaul village, the epicentre of the clash between the farmers and police on May 7, and assured the villagers that no innocent will be punished.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commissioner Bhuvnesh Kumar and IG Rajnikant Mishra rebuffed allegations that women were ill treated and people were burnt to death in the village.

Notably, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi during a meeting with the Prime Minister on Monday had made allegations in this regard.

The district officials appealed the villagers to inform the administration about the missing people so that a search hunt can be conducted for them.

Meanwhile, the police continued raids on Tuesday for the absconding farmer leader Manveer Singh Tevatia and his supporters. The police force has been deployed on the outskirts of the violence-hit villages, however, the life in the affected areas is slowly returning to normalcy.

Tevatia to observe hunger strike

The leader of the farmers’ agitation in Greater Noida, Manveer Singh Tevatia in a letter to the Press and his mother declared to continue his struggle for the farmers.

Tevatia said he will begin his fast unto death protest from May 28 at Jantar Mantar of Delhi to put a pressure on the Centre to suspend the Mayawati government.

Calling for the support to the agitation, Tevatia has invited farmers from six villages of Haryana.