Mumbai: Bhatts to launch a global 'girl hunt' for the third part of their franchise, say it will be a regular feature. If you are wondering why Jacqueline Fernandez for all her success in Murder 2 is not on for Murder 3, here's the reason.

The Bhatts have decided to go the Bond way every new film in the series will feature a different girl, albeit as sexy as her predecessor.

Mukesh Bhatt admits that the Murder 'girl hunt' will start shortly. "Just like the stunning girls we see in Bond films, we will have a new girl in every Murder film. We launched Mallika Sherawat in the first film, and Jacqueline in the second. Now, we want the audiences to ask, 'Who's the next Murder girl?' with enthusiasm," says Mukesh.

Dusky notes

The next Murder girl could be from any part of the world. In fact, the process of globalisation started with Jacqueline who's from Sri Lanka.

While the banner is reluctant to reveal details of the hunt, which is now being worked out, candidates can apply only if they fulfill certain conditions. Besides the oomph factor, the Bhatts (with some wise inputs from their 'in-house' hero Emraan Hashmi) have decided to entertain girls only of Asian or Hispanic origin, someone with dusky looks.