Out of the 4,948 cases of alleged human rights violations in the state till November 30, a whopping 2,376  cases pertain to the police or police-related issues this year, according to the figures of the Bihar Human Rights Commission (BHRC).

In 2013 too, around 2,600 out of total 4,782 such  cases were related to the police. The sensitisation programme inaugurated by BHRC Chairperson Justice (retired) Bilal Nazki was aimed at making the policemen aware of the laws, situation and behaviour so that the number of cases of violations is reduced.

BHRC member and former Director General of Police, Neelmani, said the programme would emphasise on encounters, custodial torture, issues related to women and children, police inaction, as well as, delayed action.

"Over 40 percent complaints we receive is related in some way or the other with the police because it has tremendous power to curtail fundamental rights and is the most visible agency. Violations take place due to lack of awareness and professional training, incompetence, inaction or at some times, intentionally," Neelmani told.The police personnel will be told not to do anything which is not approved by the law, he said.

"This will not only ensure upholding of human rights, but also save them from getting involved in legal wrangles." At the programme attended by over 110 police officials of the ranks of Station House Officer and above, Nazki asked them to abide by the limits provided by the Constitution while discharging their duty to provide internal security.
Nazki told them to keep assessing themselves whether they have been able to provide relief to the people and such assessment would help cut down violations of human rights.
"We have to improve the mindset of the police personnel. The problem of human rights violation is a big problem, but it doesn't only pertain to the police. Other departments are also involved, but the cases against the police are more in numbers as they are more exposed or more visible in comparison to other departments," Nazki told .
The BHRC Chairperson hoped the initiative will help cut down the number of rights violations and indicated that other government departments will also be brought under it in the coming months. The programme will now be arranged next in Nalanda and then other districts of the state.

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