The AAP, however, fielded Delhi Dialouge Commission vice-chairman Ashish Khetan to counter Bhushan, to which the activist-lawyer said Kejriwal was 'scared' of a debate.

"Few days back Delhi Chief Minister passed the Janlokpal Bill in the Cabinet and claimed to have fulfilled his assurance. I dont think so. I feel both the (anti-corruption) movement and country have been betrayed. This is why I invite him for an open debate so that people can themselves see who is lying and who is speaking the truth," a radio advertisement, which was played on FM channels, said.

Swaraj Abhiyan, led by Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, has accused Kejriwal of passing a 'diluted' bill and termed it as a 'Mahajokepal' over the clauses like appointment, removal and ambit of investigation of the ombudsman.

Khetan said why did Bhushan and Yadav not protest outside Prime Minister Narendra Modi's residence for failing to appoint a Lokpal. Incidentally, the two had indulged in a public spat when Bhushan and Yadav were at odds with Kejriwal.

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