Ralegan Siddhi:  Anna Hazare on Saturday denounced as an attempt to "blacken democracy" the incident in which Swami Ramdev's face was smeared with ink and said such attacks will not deter "people's movements".
"This is not an attempt to blacken the face of Swami Ramdev. This is an attempt to blacken democracy," Hazare said in a statement from his village where he is convalescing after a bout of bronchitis.
"Someone's unblemished life cannot be sullied due to the ink, which will be wiped off clean in two minutes. But those whose life is stained with corruption, goondaism and loot... those stains won't be washed away," he said.
Hazare, whose anti-corruption movement had the support of the yoga guru in initial stages of the stir for a strong Lokpal before the two drifted apart, said, "Ramdev will always fight for the betterment of the society and country and lakhs of workers like us will support him."
"People's movement will not stop due to such attacks but will intensify," he said.
Ramdev was on Saturday the target of an attack by a man who threw black ink on his face at a press conference he was addressing on his plans to campaign against black money in the coming assembly elections.