Una: Stepping up with the efforts to prevent adulteration of food products ahead of the festive week, the members of Pensioners Welfare Association and Former Navy Officers Association have resolved to start an awareness campaign on the food adulteration.

Every year on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the local markets are flooded with eatables adulterated with harmful chemicals. Though District Administration keeps an eye on those supplying contaminated food, there are always complaints about the quality of food item being sold in the market. Besides, many get hospitalized after consuming colourful, contaminated and stale sweets.

In order to create awareness among the masses about the harmful health effects of the adulterated food items, the members of both associations will inform people about the miscreant who prepare and sell these impure food items. The team will motivate people to prepare delicacies from fruits and dry fruits to prevent themselves from any kind of health problem.