Besieged with raging controversy of 2G spectrum, which has been fuelled by the leaking of Pranab’s note mentioning that the then Finance Minister could have averted the Spectrum-gate, the Congress-led government seems to be in a firefighting mode to salvage its crumbling image being battered with mushrooming corruption and skyrocketing price rise robbing aam adami of two square meals. As blame game is the part of Indian politics, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has held the media accountable for the chaos sparked off by Pranab’s missive. This vividly indicates that the Manmohan Singh government does not want to face the reality. The moot point is, if the stir is media-sponsored, as the PM himself described it, why did have Pranab Mukherjee meet Manmohan Singh in New York? If this letter is having no significance, as the Union Law Minister echoes, why is the government trying all efforts to ease the 2G blaze? If this note simply indicates different posturing of the two ministers on the 2G, as expressed by the Congress spokesperson, why not both ministers accept it? If the Congress-led government is under impression that terming the Pranab’s not as insignificant will defuse the crisis, it would not be rationale as the high-ups of the Finance Ministry themselves prepared this letter which was seconded by none other than Pranab Mukherjee. In fact, this note was kept away from the reach of the JPC. It is quite ridiculous that the government per se is responsible for this mess, but media and the Opposition parties are being projected for creating the hullabaloo.

Had the Centre not come in support of A Raja, who is alleged to have played a key role in huge irregularities during the allocation of 2G spectrum, the Opposition would not have cornered the government? In the same vein, had Pranab Mukherjee not pinned blame on Chidambaran for stressing for allocation of the 2G, which otherwise could have blown away the 2G scam, the opposition would not have raised the issue. Does the Manmohan government want the Opposition to be a silent spectator despite all these sordid sags? The ruling party must know that the Opposition is deemed to be a whistleblower in a democratic establishment and it has to play a pivotal role in cautioning the government for any loose delivery for a healthy democracy. Fair enough, the Congress-led government has right to complete its five-year term, as the Prime Minister himself expressed, but they must know that the people of India have not attested the right on ballot papers to run the show of scams and scandals. Unless the Manmohan Singh government comes clean by probing all the outstanding issues with probity, public anger would not stop. So, it wouldn’t be wise to be Shakespearean Hamlet in either facing the reality or facing the rage!