As the government has declined to give information regarding Afzal Guru’s mercy petition, who is convicted in the Parliament attack case, it seems that now there is a bid to tweak the RTI act. It is quite disappointing when Corporate Affairs Minister Veerappa Moily on the one hand says there should be a nation-wide debate on RTI, on the other Union Law Minister Salman Khursid phrased out that the law is being misused which is causing problems for the administration. With the antagonistic remarks of the two Central ministers, people are apprehensive that the ruling establishment may clip the wings of RTI Act, as earlier too there was a bid to suppress the Act. It cannot be declined that the government faced heat many times owing to the implementation of the RTI, whenever they tried to hush up the reality. Before the implementation of the RTI, there was a serious deliberation over which information should be made public, then why there is further need to reconsider it? People cannot be held responsible for the discomfiture of the ruling dispensation caused due to RTI. If it happens so, it means that the government is trying to hide its own shortcomings.

Among the informations which came through the RTI and plagued the government are Adarsh scam, 2G spectrum swindling, and CWG loot. Had the government showed its discretion on the issues like 2G scam and CWG bungling, it might not have faced the ugly scene. It is saddening that despite media cautioning the Centre in this regard, it didn’t wake up. The government landed in a soup, when the Pranab’s controversial note got leaked, which put Home Minister P Chidambaram in the dock. If this note was not so significant and its contents were not expressed by the Finance Minister, then why did it take so much time to clear the murky scene? How come the government can pin the blame on media and RTI for its own folly? It is true that some of the cases indicate the misuse of RTI, but it does not mean that the Act should be watered down.  If it happens, a wrong message would pass that may affect the image of the government. It would be better if the Centre shelves its intention to amend the RTI Act and think for delivering better governance.