Washington: NATO is capable enough to resolve Libya crisis and do not need US help in the matter, US Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday. He also said that Washington's efforts are better focused on places like Pakistan or Egypt.

"If the Lord Almighty extricated the US out of NATO and dropped it on the planet of Mars so we were no longer participating, it is bizarre to suggest that NATO and the rest of the world lacks the capacity to deal with Libya -- it does not," Biden told a newspaper.

"Occasionally other countries lack the will, but this is not about capacity," he told the daily amid deep unease among the US public and lawmakers over military action in Libya.

His comments came after the US Defence Department said the US military had flown more than 800 sorties over Libya since handing control of the air campaign's operations to NATO.

Navy Captain Darryn James said US fighter jets this month unleashed bombs eight times on the air defences of strongman Muammar Gaddafi's government, which is battling anti-regime rebels in the North African nation.

Washington coordinated operations in the first days of allied intervention in Libya after the United Nations Security Council approved international military action to thwart attacks by Gaddafi forces on rebel-held cities.

It transferred command to the NATO alliance earlier this month, leaving the Pentagon primarily providing refueling and surveillance aircraft, but it still flexes its military might.