London: Britain on Thursday promised "full investigation" into the killing of Indian student Anuj Bidve, whose distraught parents viewed his body for the first time at a funeral parlour here, more than a week after the apparent hate crime.

Subhash Bidve, father of 23-year-old Anuj, arrived in London last evening along with wife Yogini and the victim's brother-in-law Rakesh Sonawane.

They will visit the site of the December 26 gruesome crime in Salford on Friday morning.

After their arrival here, they viewed the victim's body at a funeral parlour in London and met with Indian-origin Labour MP Keith Vaz in Parliament.

Vaz, the Chairman of House of Commons Home Affairs Parliamentary said he will "certainly ask for a full investigation into the circumstances of the murder" once the criminal proceedings are over.

"Many people have contacted me to express their condolences and they are keen to set up a fund in memory of Anuj," he said.

Vaz said the family mortgaged their house in Pune "to raise 10,000 pounds college fee for Anuj".

"People want to help the family. Details of the fund is being worked out," he said.

Fighting back tears, Subhash said: "Thank you to everyone for the concern that everyone has about our son Anuj.

"It was really unfortunate that I lost my son, but I feel myself as a father that this should not happen again because a lot of Indian students come here for their education and they go back to their own countries."