Mumbai: As the society grapples with declining child sex ratio and preference for male child, megastar Amitabh Bachchan spoke in favour of equal rights and treatment of both genders.

The Bollywood icon says he had never differentiated between his daughter and son.

"I had made up my mind that they will be equal in everything I do. Jaya and I had decided long back that whatever little I had achieved will be equally divided between Shweta and Abhishek," he said while interacting with media persons here.

"Shweta is the first born of the present generation of my family and she has been brought up in that manner," the doting father said.

"Being a lady, I felt she should be given the space which a woman deserves in the house. Even though she is now married and lives in a different city, her opinion is sought on important issues and if we cannot take a decision on urgent matters, she advices us with maturity," Bachchan said.

The actor said even though it is widely believed that daughters are "paraya dhan", in his view, daughters have equal rights and share, along with their brothers, on their parents.