New Delhi: "Statured elegance", "gentle guidance" and "a picture of support to the woman in your arms” - megastar Amitabh Bachchan rues that the charm and elegance of ballroom dancing has "vanished".

"The romance and the effect of the touch and feel of ballroom dancing has vanished. There was a certain decorum in it. The getting up and asking the lady for the dance, the position of statured elegance as you stretched your hands to gently allow the lady to rest hers on yours," Amitabh wrote on his blog

."The firm yet gentle guidance that one conducted by the other hand on her waist, moving and controlling her composure as it were. Those piercing looks as you held her and talked of the weather and everything else under the sun, as you avoided stamping her elegant dress by your out of rhythm feet, her hand gently resting on your shoulder - a picture of support to the woman in your arms. A gesture of care and protection!! All gone now !!

"Your protection these days is from the waving and pumping of the hands and feet of your neighbor on the floor. Not your partner whom you had initially asked, but your neighbor!! It is rather ridiculous but such you not think?? Thank you for confirming my ideology!!"