In what could be seen as a jolt to the BJP, which had laid siege to the Manmohan Singh government over the 2G scam leaving a sore point for the Central establishment, Sudheendra Kulkarni, a former aide of BJP leader L K Advani, was arrested in the 2008 cash-for-vote scam and remanded to judicial custody after a Delhi court rejected his interim bail plea. It is obvious, the court could not buy Kulkarni’s argument that he was simply a whistleblower and only intended to expose the graft. The BJP has, however, taken a defensive stand pulling up the Centre for this move, but the saffron party also seems to be under the cloud of suspicion with the arrest of Kulkarni. Notably, the two BJP MPs have already been sent to the jail in connection with the cash-for-vote scam, which drives home the point that the BJP’s stand appears to be weak in this case. With this episode, the Congress has got an opportunity to armtwist the BJP that it was trying to destabilise the then Central establishment. The nub of the matter is why has the Delhi Police picked up those persons on the scene, why not action is being taken against the real culprits and masterminds of the story and they got benefited from the cash-for-vote scam? It would be premature to reach any conclusion that the ruling party has no link with this episode, because the horse-trading is said to have helped the Congress, rather than BJP, during the trust vote.

It is equally important the Delhi Police has swung into action only when the Supreme Court came down heavily on them. The moot point is, if the ruling party makes claim of having no any business with the drama, why was the Delhi Police in deep slumber for the last two years? The revelation of WikiLeaks, which categorically said that after the Left withdrew its support, the Congress leaders were ready to go to any extent, even for horse-trading, to save the government, but it has already put the Congress in poor light. However, Sudheendra Kulkarni was sent to jail, but the Delhi Police is unable to make claim that they have got to the bottom of the cash-for-vote scam, as the Supreme Court is not satisfied with the way the cops have handled the issue. It could not be ignored that the prosecution got severe dressing down from the court for picking selective accused in this connection. The way the Delhi Police is dealing the issue, it is difficult to say that they will succeed bringing the real culprits to book. Until the justice is delivered in this regard, the BJP along with the Congress and the Delhi Police will remain under scanner.