Haridwar: The strategy of installing cameras in the jungles is proving to be fruitful as the lens installed in the Chilla range of the Rajaji National Park have captured beautiful movements of the national pride tiger.

 In order to capture the movements of the big cat, 80 trap cameras were installed by the Wildlife Institute in the Chilla and Gauhari range. For the first time, the institute has installed cameras in such large numbers. Of these cameras, 60 have been installed in Chilla range while 20 in Gauhari range.

Referring to Chilla range, maximum tiger movements have been captured in Mahendra Ghati, Mudhal, Deval Ghati, Mithawali and Khara areas.

While several images of tigers have been captured by 40 cameras in the Chilla range, tigers are yet to appear in front of the Gauhari range cameras, although there is ample movement of the tigers in this range.

The wildlife institute acquires data on the tigers by  images captured in these cameras. After the tigers habited the Chilla range after Corbett National Park, the wildlife institute has developed an interest in the Rajaji National Park too.

Chilla range Officer DP Uniyal said, “There is a great increase in the movement of the tigers in the range. The tourists also get lucky in spotting tigers regularly. I hope their movement will soon be captured in other cameras too.”

Rajaji National Park Director SP Subuddhi said, “Tigers are visible in 60 cameras. This is also helping in identifying the number of tigers in the Chilla and Gauhari range.”