The reaction of the international community on the successful test firing of Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Agni-v is a testimony to India’s achievement. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) scientists deserve all the compliments for this huge success as they have once again proved that they are capable of working against all odds. The development was not only awaited but had become the need of the hour. Agni-v has certainly given a fillip to DRDO’s image. It is noteworthy that the government in 2009 had allocated the budget for Agni-v and in 2012 our scientists managed to achieve this feat. Remarkably, eighty percent of the technology used in Agni-v is indigenous. The successful test of the ICBM missile showcases that India is capable enough of doing all that the developed countries have done. However, we still lag behind in the field of science and research. Undoubtedly the policy makers are to be held responsible for this. There doesn’t seem any reason why a country that has earned accolades for missile technology is the largest importer of conventional arms. Why is India still not self dependent when it comes to arms and ammunitions?

It is a fact that the requirement of conventional arms will decrease in the future but that doesn’t mean we import them from foreign countries. It is clear that India possesses missile expertise but we should also focus on modern warfare technologies. Barring China the response to Agni-v test has been positive across the world. The western countries are finally relieved that India has developed a nuclear capable missile that can hit targets in China. Agni-v was the need of the hour but we should not be locked in an arms race with China. If India enters this race then the situation will somewhat resemble the cold war era between America and Russia. Though a lot depends on China as it often shows off its defense might, India should remain unfazed and tread cautiously.