Mumbai: After spending nearly three months under house arrest, Juhi Parmar, the winner of Bigg Boss 5 is looking forward to a holiday with hubby Sachin Shroff. Describing her journey on the show as a roller coaster ride, the lady chats up with Mid-day:

On cloud nine

I am super thrilled, to say the least. Pooja (Bedi) threw a lovely party for me at her place after my win, and we celebrated all night long. I am happy about the fact that I won the show being myself. I did not pretend or get into unnecessary fights like the others. After spending three months in the house, I have learnt not to take things for granted in life. The experience has taught me to value relationships a lot. My family and friends are proud of the fact that I retained my dignity throughout the show.

Jet, set, go

Right now, the one thing on my mind is to take off on a holiday with my husband. But I've been so busy catching up with friends and family that we haven't really had the time to plan the vacation. We have thought of a few holiday destinations, but still have to zero in on one.

Bonding with buddies

I have made some great friends and hope to keep them for life. The highlight on my stay was our task with Andrew Symonds where he had to serenade us with Hindi songs. That was hilarious. He could never say 'Khandala' and kept on uttering 'Khundala', 'Rundala' etc (laughs).

Back on telly

After being away from TV for a couple of years, I wanted to make a comeback with a big show, and this was the perfect opportunity. Post marriage, I wanted a break, but now I am longing to get back to work again. I want to work in a fiction show now.