Placed in the lab was a barber’s chair, and on the table a mannequin head with a mohawk hairstyle was kept. Bigg Boss then asked the doctors to give two names who will be part of this treatment and after thinking through, they decided to call Apoorva and Sangram. After the patients were called in the lab, the doctors explained to them the treatment, wherein Apoorva and Sangram had to get Mohawk style hair-cut and if they refused the hell-side will lose a point.

Simultaneously, outside the laboratory the inmates were watching the on-goings on TV and Shilpa was constantly shouting at Apoorva to refuse from doing the task. Both, Apoorva and Sangram thought that they will be fooled like Andy was fooled and agreed to take the treatment, and Apoorva decided to go first. But when Asif and Armaan actually began to trim his hair, Shilpa began to react wildly and threw things around. She was even crying in the bathroom and Gauahar was trying to calm her down.

After Apoorva, it was Sangram’s turn. Armaan, to mislead Sangram from getting the treatment, picked a fight with Sangram. He started insulting and throwing abuses at Sangram.

Sangram, who always thought high of Armaan and treated him like a friend, was surprised by seeing Armaan’s attitude. Armaan was almost successful in getting his mind changed, had Apoorva not caught the lie and explained to Sangram that he is trying to divert his mind. After realizing that the cat was out of the bag, Armaan was apologizing to Sangram and was saying that he was just having fun and didn’t mean whatever he said.

When they came out of the lab, everyone was appreciating their sportiness and complimenting them for their new look. Shlipa was seen crying relentlessly after seeing his hair, but after some brave words from Apoorva, Shilpa tried to control herself and even said that he looks cool with the new look.

Later in the evening Bigg Boss announced the end of task and congratulated both the hell-mates, for showing bravery and heaven-mates, for accurately diagnosing the symptoms and treating the patients.
Amidst all this, Elli was seen crying in the bathroom and Ratan was consoling her as Elli was missing her father since his birthday was coming up and this will be first time that she won’t be with him for his birthday. To cheer her up, Sangram and Apoorva were singing songs and even asked Bigg Boss if they could get a cake to celebrate his birthday.

(Courtesy: Mid-Day)

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