Late in the night, while everyone was asleep, Kushal, Gauahar and Armaan woke up hungry and decided to steal the burgers which ‘Bigg Boss’ had given them. They decided to go into the heaven side through the small window that was made for transfer of food.
Turn by turn Asif, Armaan and Kushal slipped through the window on to the heaven side and were just about to open the fridge to steal the burger when the alarm went off and everyone in the house woke up.

Captain of the house Kamya came and warned them that if they try sneaking in again, the repercussions would be bad and that they won’t get any breakfast in the morning. But before the captain could implement her punishment, ‘Bigg Boss’ took away all the beds of the jahannumwasis.

When they requested ‘Bigg Boss’ to give at least the girls their bed, ‘Bigg Boss’ announced that the girls will get their beds only if one of the boys will spend the whole night in a cage.

When Armaan volunteered to go for it, the hell-mates refused and said that they don’t want the beds. But Armaan went ahead and sat in the cage, while the girls got their beds back.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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