Taking into consideration the limitations of food, we will see anxiety between the Jannat and Jahannum- wasis to optimally use it. Armaan picks a fight with the Jannat wasis that they aren't providing them with proper food and are not co-operating with them.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces that the wheel task was successful but at the same time added a second edition to it. According to the task, the hell mates have to churn the wheels even if the heaven-mates are sitting or taking rest. Taking the efforts of Jahannum wasis into consideration, they decide to stand until the task is over.

Further in the day, the hell-mates will be seen breaking the basic rule of the 'Bigg Boss' house and enjoying sleep in the latter half of the day. Even the dog alarm doesn't work on them. Owing to this, they are said that their luxury budget will get affected.

After all the stress and tension faced by the housemates throughout the day, we see, Andy and Sangram enjoying some playful moments. Also on the other side, hell-mates will be seen making fun of Elli's broken Hindi and enjoying some lighter moments.

In the evening, Anita is seen getting chatty with Andy and opening her heart out about her relationship with late Rajesh Khanna. She shares some great moments that she shared with him and how much she misses his presence.


The fight over food continues through the evening and leads to an outburst between Gauahar and Armaan. The housemates on both the sides try to control their emotions but all in vain. Now the real war has just begun between the Jannat and Jahannum-wasis. Armaan declares that he will boycott food if the attitude of heaven-mates remains the same.

Courtesy: Mid Day

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