Soon after when the task begins, Jallad storms into the house and takes away everyone’s personal belongings including make-up, photo frames, clothes and food. Housemates realise that this is a trick that Bigg Boss is using to distract them and is just testing their tolerance level.

Everyone tries to keep their cool and continue with the task as they see Jallad take away all their personal things. Mandana becomes emotional and the very moment decides to take away her things from Jallad. But others try to calm her down and give her assurance that the belongings are in safe hands and she will be getting them back soon.

Surprisingly, everyone else is seen enjoying the task and remain unaffected by Jallad’s tactics.
Later, Salman Khan enters dancing to the tunes of 'Hud Hud Dabang'. He announces that one contestant will get the power to double up the entire amount while the housemates are oblivious to this fact. Further, Salman interacts with the housemates and asks them whether they are determined to complete the task this time and not compromise on their self-respect.

Everyone unanimously agrees that their self-respect is more important and they will go to every extent to complete the task. All the girls whine about their make-up being taken away when Salman replies by saying that girls look prettier without makeup. Salman gives Priya the title of ‘task master’ and asks her to decipher what’s going on in everyone’s mind while they are performing the task.

Salman then mentions about the housemate’s favourite joke ‘apa khoya’ and tells them that they will face a major backlash if ever Bigg Boss loses his calm.

Furthermore, Salman Khan plays a video tape of the wildcards Rishabh, Priya and Kanwaljeet in order to highlight the fact that they have stood out amongst all other housemates in such a short time. Salman makes the contestants do fun tasks while being tied on to their ropes. Mandana and Rishabh are made to dance while Prince displays his moonwalk moves.

Rochelle is asked to enact a particular situation while Rimi does belly dancing. Post this, Salman intensifies the tension and leaves everyone in anticipation by announcing that the elimination results will be declared on the following day!


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