While housemates claim that Mandana's selfishness does not allow her to see other's emotions, Kawaljeet keeps up his stance by saying that he does not care about anything else but his spondylitis pillow.

Mandana gathers up her team members Keith, Rochelle and Prince in the bedroom and tells them that she does not wish to give up on the task because her favorite belongings have been taken away and destroyed. Rochelle and Keith oppose her opinion and ask her if she will not feel guilty about destroying anyone else's belongings. They also request Kawaljeet to give up when Priya overhears this and forbids them from convincing Kawaljeet to give up. After this, Kawaljeet's team takes away Mandana's Versace shoes and destroys them as well.

Later, when Rochelle requests someone to stop this task because it has reached beyond everyone's tolerance level, Mandana claims that they will always have a problem with her because when she gives up during a task, they want her to continue and when she diligently does her task, she is asked to give up! Rochelle says that they are only fighting for her belongings and do not wish to see them destroyed.

Rochelle, Keith and Prince who are convinced that they wish to discontinue the task immediately raise the white flag, much to Mandana’s dismay. Later, Rishabh feels bad for Mandana and hugs her, emoting how much he empathises with her situation.

After lights out, Mandana is still seething with rage and talking to Rishabh about how Keith and Rochelle always try and maintain their image. Rishabh tells her firmly that it was her attitude that went against her. Overhearing the conversation, Keith tells Mandana that he does not play upon his image and that the task was primarily about taking it to a level where everyone's tolerance level will be put to test.


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