Imam butts into their conversation and asks Priya if Rishabh is her 'type' of a guy because she seems to be romantically interested in him. Priya denies having feelings for Rishabh but admits that she has a soft corner and feels extremely protective about him.

Up next Bigg Boss introduces a new task, 'Commander Imam'. Through this task Imam has to command the house and get the housemates to follow discipline and order. All contestants have to abide by Imam’s instructions and follow his rules. The entire house is converted into a boot camp and the enthusiastic cadets are charged up to get into the drill.

After the task, Mandana finds out that someone has used her towel and gets upset over it and blames everyone. But no one owns up to it and this irritates Mandana further. Prince goes up to Mandana to explain that he isn't involved in the act but Mandana gets furious and ends up shouting at him.

Prince snaps back at Mandana and the two of them get into an ugly fight. Mandana gets personal and accuses Prince of using Kishwer in the game. Prince gets extremely hurt by Mandana's allegations and is on the verge of a breakdown.


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