Kishwar is the latest contestant to be evicted from 'Bigg Boss Nau', though her elimination happened during a task and not on the basis of audience's votes.
The 34-year-old 'Kaisi Hai Yaariyan' actress said Mandana is fake inside the Bigg Boss house and she hopes to know the 'real' Mandana once the show ends.
"I have said since the beginning that Mandana is fake on the show. She herself said once that this is not her true behaviour and she is very different in real life. So, you never know Mandana and I might become best of friends once we meet outside. I look forward to knowing her," Kishwar said.

"Mandana cried a lot during my eviction. I told her I will not keep grudges against her. Whatever happens in the house, stays there. There wouldn't be anyone from the house,whom I won't meet after the show finishes."
In a first for the reality show, the actress got evicted after she stood second in the 'Ticket to finale' task, which has been won by Prince Narula. The task had a condition under which the one, who presses the buzzer first, will have to leave the house with a specific amount of cash prize.


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