Malishka announces that the housemates will have to play a Q&A round and answer some fun questions. The lucky winners will stand a chance to win tickets to watch movies at the Bigg Boss cinema! Excited about this idea, the housemates gear up to face Malishka's challenge.

Prince is bombarded with questions pertaining to his fans and love interests. Mandana is asked questions about why she has been behaving in an evil way inside the house and someone who was being targeted all the time. Rishabh also provides a filmy touch by reciting a few of his filmy dialogues for the listeners. Later, Mallishka conducts a quick rapid fire in the house where the finalists answer questions like who they believe is the most selfish contestant, laziest inmate etc. After grilling them for few hours in the morning, Mallishka announces that they all win tickets to the Bigg Boss cinema.

Mallishka calls them once again and tells them that the listeners have a few questions for them. During the course of answering questions, they speak about how Mandana revealed to Rochelle that she made friends in the house only for her advantage. After Malishka hangs up, Mandana confronts Rochelle. When Mandana retorts, the housemates chose to ignore her and leave the room.

Later, it is time for the housemates to watch movies at the Bigg Boss Cinema. They are given a chance to watch their journeys in the most unique manner where one movie is dedicated to each contestant. While Prince's movie is called Action Aashiq, Rochelle's movie is named as Chennai Superqueen. Rishabh’s movie is called Ek Tha Don while Mandana gets the title of Revolver Rani.

In the evening, singer Mika Singh surprises the finalists by entering the house on the song 'Aaj Na Jaa Billo'. Mika Singh gives the finalists a quick pep talk and lights up the mood with his popular songs. Mika tells them that they all are winners because they have reached this stage in the game and have been declared as the finalists.


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