Bigg Boss announces the next task 'silent disco' for which two contestants have to wear headphones and keep dancing till the song stops. As per the rules of the task, they cannot leave the barricaded area and neither can they stop dancing. The housemates are seen enjoying the task and are at their entertaining best.

The pretty ladies Nora, Yuvika and Gizele surprise the housemates by re-entering the house. They enter with a motive to distract the housemates during their task.

Yuvika's entry brings a huge smile on Prince's face but Rishabh seizes the moment. Love brews between Rishabh and Yuvika as he flirts with her as she acknowledges. Although Yuvika is happy for Prince and Nora, she clarifies that her family would have happily accepted their decision. She subtly hints that they could have had a future if he would have not been involved with Nora.

Meanwhile, Nora confronts Prince about his feelings and seems upset about his fluctuating interests. But to Yuvika's surprise, Prince ensures her that he is loyal towards her and everything else does not matter to him.

While Prince and Yuvika are busy with each other, Gizele spends most of her time with Mandana. She tells Yuvika that she is Prince's true love and she can see it in his eyes. In the evening it's time for the ladies to bid adieu to the housemates as they leave on a happy note.


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