Further, she happened to open up about her past where she mentioned that she got a divorce just a month before she entered the Bigg Boss 7 house. Being unable to face the loneliness and to overcome her depression she entered the house. She also mentioned that she is feeling guilty that she has left her 4 year daughter at home and wants to be with her now.


Meanwhile, it's pretty evident to the hell-mates that Tanisha has been ignoring Armaan and maintaining a distance from him. Armaan looks worried about Salman Khan's warning and is seen discussing the same with other housemates. Armaan and Tanisha continue this discussion and analyzed their fault while the former said that having a fondness for somebody is not a crime.

After Armaan apologized to everybody, Andy is unhappy with since he considers Armaan's behavior to be fake. He is seen mentioning this to Shilpa accusing him of having this as part of his strategy to gain more votes. Andy playfully added that if he goes on the heaven side, he will purposely cook bad food for the Jahannum-wasis and better food for the Jannat-ites. On the other side, Jannat-wasis are discussing how they miss staying in Jahannum and enjoying a peaceful life.


Later in the day, Bigg Boss makes the announcement about nominations. After Ratan decided to take Tanisha's power away to vote, she was not allowed to vote. After Bigg Boss announces the five names who are nominated, Gauahar gets a special power to save one person and nominate another in his/her place.

In the evening, Bigg Boss surprises everybody by sending sweets and food on occasion of Dussehra. They also send tradition Bengali sarees and kurtas for them to dress up in and perform the Puja. Everybody from Jannat and Jahannum get together in the garden area and make arrangements for puja and aarti. They also perform traditional 'Dhunuchi' dance that is a part of Bengali tradition. As the day comes to an end, Armaan, Pratyusha and Tanisha are seen talking about their families and how much they are missing them on this day.

(JPN/Mid Day)

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