New Delhi: Reality show Bigg Boss contestant Mandeep Bevli, who got evicted from the house on Saturday, says taking up the show was a wrong decision.

Mandeep, a television anchor, maintained a low profile during her stay in the house and says she didn't know the concept of the show before and got trapped in the house for five weeks.

"My experience was discomforting and eye-opening. I learnt a few things but I am shocked to see what all people do for money. I am amazed that people can stoop so low just to survive. Entering Big Boss house was a big mistake. I didn't know the concept of the show before and so I took the wrong decision," Mandeep said.

Talking about the contestants in the house, Mandeep said everyone is fake and is acting for the cameras.

"There is nothing true and honest about the show. All the contestants are acting. This shows the desperation for money in them. Their was an incident in the house when Pooja Misra (contestant) was fighting with Amar (Upadhyay) and I started laughing because I found it funny but everybody else asked me not to as we were asked to appear serious," she added.

Mandeep, who has often talked about her health issues on the show, says she is happy to be out because she was not keeping well.

"I have serious health issues and was not keeping well. I didn't want to stay in the house anymore as my condition was deteriorating. And moreover I think I couldn't keep up with the standards these people were playing at," she said.

Ask her who according to her is playing a smart game in the house and she says, "Juhi Parmar, she is very smart and has bonded well with everybody. She calls everyone her brother and sister so that nobody nominates her for eviction."