Of the 1,000 British males surveyed by Debenhams, the average 30-something man now admits to spending over 100 pounds per month on expensive eye creams, luxurious moisturisers and trips to the spa - three times as much as their gym membership, reports a website.

Those aged between 20 and 29 spent on average 35 pounds per month on grooming products. The figure doubled for males in their 40s, who spent an impressive 70 pounds, while those in their 50s shelled out around 45 pounds per month.

"In your teens, grooming consists of a splash of water with a hint of soap - if you’re lucky! The introduction of electrical shavers and on the spot treatment products in your mid-late twenties means there is a definite increase in spending," said a Debenhams spokesperson.

"But it’s all change as soon as you hit your 30s when the focus shifts to products that maintain and prevent and money is no object! The spending cycle declined at 50, almost returning to the amount spent in your 20s as grooming takes a back seat and is seen as less of a priority and more of a necessity," added the spokesperson.


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