London: It's official. Bigheads always get ahead at work, says a new study.
A team from University of Edinburgh and the University of California has carried out the study and found that people with an inflated opinion of themselves are more likely to be successful at work.
Researchers found that egotistical individuals have greater ambition and resolve, and are more likely to do well in business, sports and even warfare. However, researchers also discovered that a too-bold approach can backfire, citing the 2008 financial crash and the 2003 Iraq war.
They used a simulation to test the effects of overconfidence over generations. It pitted "virtual" people with overconfident, accurate, and under-confident attitudes against each other.
The results showed that boldness pays, provided the reward outweighs the cost of competition. The researchers found that, in contrast, people with unbiased, accurate perceptions fare less well, daily reported.
The implication is that over time the principal of natural selection favours overconfidence.
Dr Dominic Johnson of Edinburgh University said, “This shows that overconfidence can evolve in a wide range of environments, as well as the situations in which it will fail.

The question now is how to channel human overconfidence so we can exploit its benefits while avoiding occasional disasters."