New Delhi: With the Monsoon just round the corner, people in Bihar are up for a bumpy ride ahead while travelling on the national highways because the state government is unlikely to start the repairing work of the highways any time soon because of scarcity of funds.

The Bihar government has asked the Central government to release an amount of Rs 800 crore – the money spent by the state government on maintenance of the national highways.

The state governments are duty bound to maintain the national highways, the cost of which is reimbursed by the Central government. 

Bihar has 3734 Km long network of national highways and Rs 800 crore is due on the part of the Central government in lieu of its maintenance.

Apart from Bihar, the Central government is also to clear funds of other states in this regard.
Every year central government allots about Rs 2500 crore to states for repairing national highways.