Chandigarh: Fulfilling his dream of lighting homes in Bihar, a class X student has ascertained a solution to the severe power shortage of the state. He has made a new-age wind turbine that can produce 10-16 megawatts of electricity and can light an area of 15,000 population.

The wind turbine has a cylinder of two-metre diameter and height of 5-metre containing two generators. 
According to Ravi, the old wind turbine has single generator and does not have a zero degree rotation facility, whereas his creation can function on zero degree rotation with a wind speed of only 7-10 metres, blowing in any direction for producing electricity.

A native of Kesariya village in Motihari district, Ravi is a high school student of Kendriya Vidyalaya at Delhi Cantt, and is living with his relatives since eight years in the national capital.

He took part in the national fair ‘Initiative for Research and Invention in Science’ at Punjab Engineering College, Sector 12, Chandigarh and won a gold medal for his invention on Sunday.

According to Ravi, the old turbine is an outdated instrument now as it rotates in different directions due to wind blowing in opposite directions which reduces its RPM (rotation per minute). Also, it needs minimum wind speed of 16.7 metres and can produce electricity of only 5-8 megawatts.

Now, Ravi wants his invention to be patented from the Science and Technology Department under the Union government as it is the first turbine of its type in the world.

Expressing happiness on his achievement, Ravi said, “There is an extreme shortage of power in Bihar. Villages still get electricity for 4-5 hours once in 2-3 days. The new turbine can solve such a severe power crisis in Bihar and in the country to quite an extent.”

The young scientist derived the idea from the engravings on the induction motor.

Meanwhile, VC Singh, Director of Science and Technology Department visited Punjab Engineering College on the occasion and assured Ravi to help him in patenting his invention.