"Manjhi has already rocked the boat of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad. They are now adrift in the whirlpool of politics and the oars are in the hands of Manjhi. Both of them now do not know which direction they will go," said Leader of Opposition in Bihar and senior BJP leader Nand Kishore Yadav.

Yadav said the imbroglio over the proposed JD(U)-RJD merger has destabilised governance in Bihar and the people are suffering on 'all fronts'.
"There is a need to come out of this confusion", he said and added that BJP has coined a slogan 'Jai Jai Bihar, BJP Sarkar' in this context.
"If the Centre is taking two steps forward on the path of development, Bihar is going four steps backward. The farmers in the state are without hope, Anganwadi centres are in bad shape and 40 percent children here are not getting nutritional food grain," Yadav said.
The BJP leader said surveys show that 14 percent children are affected by severe malnutrition even in the state capital. "The situation at other places (of Bihar) can be gauged by it."
"The Bihar government has no achievement to showcase in the 19 months since it broke away from NDA. It is beyond understanding how Kumar and Prasad will seek vote in public," he said.
Yadav said the decreasing prices of petrol and diesel has started providing relief to the common people. Inflation is under control and loan rates are declining.
Seeing the success of BJP's policies, the opposition parties are losing hope and the membership drive had been record breaking.
"We want Bihar also to experience the progressive steps of the Centre in a full-fledged way. It will happen when the state comes out of its current destabilised status," said Yadav.

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