New Delhi: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said the core issue in formation of NCTC was the violation of the federal principle and emphasised on the need for more consultations and collaboration between the Centre and the states to resolve all matters of internal security.

"I had written to Home Minister on 28th February 2012 that consultations be held with states to address their concerns on NCTC. Although a meeting was held in March at the level of officials, it served little purpose and we are not aware of any positive outcome of that meeting," Kumar said at the Chief Minister's Conference on Internal Security here.

He maintained that the core issue in NCTC is violation of the principle of federalism.

"The only level at which meaningful discussion could be held (on NCTC) is between heads of Government at the Centre and states," Kumar said, adding that he will express his views in detail on the issue at the May 5 meeting being held here specifically to discuss the NCTC issue.

Raising other Centre-state issues relating to internal security, Kumar maintained that collaboration, positive and trusting approach is the need of the hour and will go a long way in addressing the problems of internal security.

Insisting that his government has implemented the police reforms in his state, Kumar said, "We urge the Central Government to avoid diluting the responsibilities of a democratically elected government in guise of police reforms. In Bihar the process of separation of investigation and Law & Order functions has been started."

The Bihar Chief Minister enumerated the ways in which his government is trying to tackle Left-Wing Extremism in the state.

Nitish Kumar said Left Wing Extremism can be dealt with only when social and economic inequality in society, regional imbalances in development and corruption at various levels are removed as these cause discontent among deprived people and regions.

"It is then that people take recourse to ideologies like Left Wing Extremism which pose a big challenge to the democratic system," he said, adding that development with justice and zero tolerance against corruption are his government's stated policies.

The Chief Minister said his government has launched multi-dimensional schemes in Bihar to fight Naxalism.

"I have been requesting the Central Government to assist the state government financially to extend this scheme to all extremist affected panchayats in the state," he said.

Kumar reiterated Bihar's "long standing request" for increasing the strength of CAPF (Central Armed Police Force) in the state.

"I would also like to remind that our earlier request made to Ministry of Home Affairs for purchase and providing bullet proof jackets and helmets under the police modernization scheme must be fulfilled at the earliest," he said.

He also demanded that Bihar be provided 100 percent Central assistance in modernisation of the state police force.