"Prime Minister Modi's visit has no bearing of the results of the Bihar Assembly polls," BJP leader Sidharth Nath Singh told reporters.

"This visit would help the growth that India is seeking, the power push that India wants globally and the same time it is the popularity of Prime Minster Modi which will be once again be witnessed in the UK and the world is going to appreciate the efforts of the Indian government," he added.

Singh further affirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was working tirelessly for the growth and prosperity of the nation.

"It is a festive season and yet the Prime Minister continues working tirelessly for the prosperity and growth of the nation. Therefore, the visit of Prime Minister Modi to the United Kingdom is an important visit as this would help in improving the bilateral relationship between India and U.K," the BJP leader added.

Pointing out the areas where this visit of the Prime Minister is going to benefit the nation, Singh said, "It will help in the financial sector India needs, lot of investment be it for Make in India, Digital India and many other programmes and similarly in the defence, energy and climate change".

"It is an important visit and we all Indians are looking forward for a successful visit of the Prime Minister," he added.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi today departed for his three-day visit to United Kingdom, where terrorism and economic reforms seeking to boost investment will be his major agenda besides paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi's statue near the Parliament and addressing the Indian diaspora at Wembley.

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