The leadership is confident that it will not be long, the party workers will have their morale restored. "It is obvious that the Bihar polls verdict will have a temporary impact in Bengal. If we had won, it would have a temporary impact too. Politics in Bihar and Bengal are different cups of tea. In Bihar it is caste-based politics, but in Bengal it is development politics versus TMC's reign of terror," BJP state president Rahul Sinha told reporters.

Shah's rally, scheduled to be held in Kolkata on November 30, was officially called off on Thursday and in its stead the party would organize a protest-march on that day to be attended by Siddarth Nath Singh and Kailash Vijayverge.

BJP national secretary Singh too agreed that win or loss in a neighboring state might have a temporary impact. "We have been winning Bihar since 2005, but did that have an impact in Bengal? So how will it now make a difference?" Singh cited.

However, Rahul Sinha had sung a different tune on October 28 when he claimed that the BJP would concentrate on West Bengal after the Bihar election.

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