New Delhi: Bihar has demanded 2.50 lakh tonnes of additional foodgrains from the Centre under the food security for Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

According to the state’s Food and Civil Supplies Minister Shyam Rajak, Bihar is receiving half of the foodgrains against its stipulated requirements.

During a conference of Food Ministers, Rajak said every month the state requires 4.78 foodgrains for 1.36 crore BPL and Antyodaya families whereas the Centre was providing only 2.28 lakh tonnes foodgrains to Bihar which is not sufficient.

“In order to provide sufficient foodgrains to economically weaker classes, the state requires 2.50 lakh tonnes more,” said Rajak.

Rajak said the Centre was providing foodgrains to 65.23 lakh BPL families at the rate of 35 per kg per family whereas as per the findings of a recent survey, the number of BPL families in the state has increased to more than 1.36 crore.

“Due to insufficient foodgrains, the state is able to provide only 25 kg grains per family due to which the government has to buy grains from market at much higher rates and provide them to BPL families,” he added.

The Bihar government has also asked to raise the allocation of foodgrains for 1.07 Above Poverty Line (APL) families.

According to the state government, 53,486 tonnes wheat and 74 tonnes rice were given under the APL scheme.

The issue of foodgrains storage houses was also raised during the conference. The Food Corporation of India has provided storage houses in few districts which are not sufficient due to which storing grains in various districts has also become a problem.

Eight districts including Arwal, Banka and Gopalganj do not have warehouses owing to which their further transportation becomes a major problem.