New Delhi: With record production of paddy in the state, the Bihar Government has demanded the opening of 200 more Centre owned procurement centers in the state.

The state government has set target to procure 30 lakh tonnes of paddy at minimal rate this year.

Addressing a gathering of Food Ministers of all states organised in National Capital on Wednesday, Bihar Food and Consumer Protection Minister Shyam Rajak said, “This year we are expecting 70 lakh tonnes paddy in the state.”

Rajak added, “The state government would provide reasonable amount to farmers hence, we have set a target to procure 30 lakh paddy this time.”

As per the target, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) will procure five lakh tonnes, State Food Corporation seven lakh tones and Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (Pacs) will procure 18 lakh tones of agriculture outputs.

Rajak said, “The milling capacity in the state is very low and thus, the State Food Corporation will have to approach other states for the purpose. And the cost in milling would be covered by the Government of India.”

He further opined that the FCI is facing lack of technical personnel in the state and like every year, this year the Union government has not sent technical personnel from other states.

He demanded, “The Centre should take effective measures in this regard and arrange technical and efficient milling personnel.”

Rajak asserted, “At every procurement centre, the FCI needs to arrange sufficient funds in an order to avoid unnecessary problems during the time of payments.”