The seven pledges of Nitish Kumar:
1. Financial solutions and stress upon the youth
2. Reservation of employment for women
3. Providing undisrupted electricity in all the households
4. Provision of pure drinking water in all the houses
5. Construction of PCC roads in every street
6. Construction of toilets
7. Providing equal educational facilities to all the students

The team of Prashant Kishor looked after Janata Dal United's poll campaign in Bihar Assembly polls and created miracle. While staying distant from any sort of political ambition, the team comprising youth professionals created a strong environment in favour of JDU through smart working.

Earlier, the same team on similar frame worked for Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections. The idea behind 'Bihar Development Mission' exaggerates upon the same modus operandi. In fact, being a part of the ruling government, this mission is far more sensitive and ambitious. Prashant Kishor, who is serving as an advisor to the CM, is the main strategist behind this mission.

No amendments will be made to the current methodologies. In fact, youth power will be made available for making the scheme timely and efficient. The scheme in next one year will take shape right from CM Secretariat to Block headquarters. Approximately, 1500 youth will be appointed in secretariat, commissioner's office, DM offices, sub-divisions and block offices to work upon the seven pledges.

According to the specialists, if the mission is enacted as per the guidelines, it will eliminate the red-tapism prevailing in government machinery.

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