Patna: It seems that efforts of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to sensitize top bureaucrats and officials of the state towards the problems of people by watching Bollywood movie ‘Well done Abba’ along with them has started generating positive effects.

Recently, the state Human Resources development (HRD) has decided to follow corporate manners for implementation of new projects. The education department would adopt a trimester grading system to evaluate work of its secretaries and regional officers.

In this evaluation system, grading would be fixed for self appraisal and departmental review. Action would be taken against those officers found with regular low grades.

The grading would be determined on the basis of various points given to the officials for different departmental works.

Talking about the adoption of new grading system in education system, HRD Principal Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh said that the structure of education functioning was reorganized due to mounting work pressure.