Since the bifurcation of Bihar in 2001, the biggest challenge and compulsion before the state has been the fast revival of all its resources and industries.
As Bihar was bereft of its coal and steel industries, agriculture-sector was considered to be a major asset left for the state.

With the change of guard in 2005, Nitish Kumar-Government laid emphasis to revive two major agro industries -Sugar and Jute- both of which had undergone a critical phase in last decade.

In recent activities, Bihar is all set to make the first Jute Park in the country. The proposed ‘Jute Park’ named ‘Purnasar’, a joint venture of the Purnasar Jute Park Limited and the Bihar Government, will mop up jute from jute farmers in the hinterland of the Kosi region in north–east Bihar for production of Jute yarn.

In this way, the project is set to generate employment and Jute market for the farmers of Bihar and will check export of Jute from the farms in the Kosi belt to Jute mills in other states.

The Jute Park with its seven units will provide direct and indirect employment to around 20,000 people.

Setting of the first unit of Jute Park has been expedited at Maranga. It will be a production-cum training centre with production capacity of 20 metric tonne per day and will become operational in next three months.

The next to come up is its anchor unit with 150 metric tonne per day jute yarn production capacity. Jute from the farms of Araria, Kathihar and Purina districts will be supplied to the park.

Other five units of Purnasar Jute Park would be for production of Jute furnishing materials like matting, bags, handicraft, shopping bags etc. More so, a common facility unit for dyeing, bleaching, and pressing would be set up in addition.

The proposed Jute Park is in all aspects revival for the Jute industry in Bihar as the closure of the Kthihar jute mill over two decads back, which was the only one in the Kosi region at that time led to export of Jute to other states.

With the proposed Jute Park in hand, government official have been conducting high level meetings .They are also encouraging intensive Jute farming by facilitating quality seeds and modern agriculture equipment for increasing farm yield to Jute growers.

Earlier in 2006, the State Government had given clearance to P&M infrastructure unit to install a sugar mill in West Champaran district. The move has boosted sugar-cane farming in the region.