Most of the candidates are of the opinion that they will have to put up a good show in order to maintain the power and balance in their constituencies and there is a general feeling among them that this is like a ‘now or never’ situation.

It’s almost clear that the vote-share is mainly divided between three camps – National Democratic Alliance, RJD-Congress and JD (U)-CPI combine.

Now, the BJP has started saying this in full throttle that Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government would collapse after 21st May and from this very claim, it’s being assumed that JD (U) ceases to exist in this race to the Parliament in the 16th Lok Sabha elections.

Going that way, the NDA is in a direct contest with the RJD-Congress combine. For the past three-four days, even the BJP bigwigs are not talking much about Nitish Kumar and his government during their rallies.

In this context, the BJP has also gained some strength from comments of several Congress leaders on the subject of Third Front.

As usual, Nitish is saying that BJP has made a move out of disappointment and even Congress as well as RJD is doing the same thing.

However, the some JD (U) leaders are drawing some heart saying that they are going to benefit from the NDA-UPA battle in Bihar. The leaders have been also changing their stance in the elections which are going to be held in the last phase.

The series of allegations and counter-allegations have already stopped and cases have also been registered against some of the leaders.

Now, words are being brought into application in order to make the language tough. BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was tagged as ‘butcher of butchers’ by RJD president Lalu Yadav. Even Nitish is not far behind when it comes to firing verbal salvos.

Talking about resources, the BJP is using five helicopters and even the Congress has also increased the number of choppers for its leaders. The JD (U) and the RJD have also pressed tw0 choppers each into hectic poll campaign.


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